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Kristeladams performs hebraic GOSPEL as a DUET with pianist Eddy Malka

Musical works :

Label Barukh - Kaddish 'Our Father' - Elohai - Chema israel - Bachenou .. - Une prière Michel Jonasz - Jerusalem -Osse Shalom - Hakhtiva - Yeroushalaim... - Ezechiel 11,19 -Psaumes de David - Boi Kala - Amazing grace - And Request

Le gospel hébreux

KRISTEL ADAMSThe Hebrew language is one of the oldest that exists, the earliest examples of it’s written form dating back to 10000BC.
These ancient scriptures, the symbols and their respective sounds have profound meaning: each vibrate a particular resonance, and when we allow silence to prevail they touch the very deepest parts of our being.
But there is an additional surprise – a fusion without limitation that unites these ancient texts with the roots of Harlem gospel, and that demonstrates unity to all that is.
The very exquisite and soothing voice of Kristel Adams brings these symbols to life, and as if by magic their resonance penetrate our hearts.

new sound titre OUR FATHER / ARAMEEN composed by Kristel Adams and Eddy Malka


Born from a Vietnamese mother and a West Indies originated father, Kristel Adams is like her native town, Marseilles, a black diamond with many facets. The day she was born, the good fairies generously gave her a warm, imperious voice, that can convey despair or comfort, a precious gift that God reserves for those with a role to gather together. Read more...

(Sow the seeds of love to harvest happiness.) Thanks to all these assets, Kristel embodies plurality and multiculturalism. Quite naturally, her origins led her towards rhythm and blues, gospel music, African and oriental, and, of course, all styles inspired by Negro spirituals such as jazz, country, and the mythical comedy musicals. (In a word, Kristel sees herself as a leader of a kind of “modern fusion” at the heart of new tendencies.) Her favourite artists : Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Donnie Hathaway, Goerge Benson.


EDDY MALKA « pianist »
Since the beggining of his career pianist, singer and composer Edy Malka was drawn to jazz, and the artistic world appreciated and adopted him with open arms. Read more...

In the early 2000’s, he created a soul music trio with saxophonists Hervé Méchinet and Thierry Farrugia, and drummer Jean My Truong. Their album was released in 2006. He is the pianist and arranger of Jessica Loves the Rabbit, and in 2007 he arranged and recorded a best-of album of French and international pop music from the 80’s which was released in 2008. He is regularly invited to perform at La Rochelle, Juan-les-Pins and Nice jazz festivals, and by Parisian jazz clubs including Le Méridien, Le Petit Journal and Le Bilboquet. A regular on TV sets he also tours and performs with many well known artists and bands : Alabina, the famous Oriental and Latino singer Ishtar, and Paco Sery who is well known for jazz and African fusion music

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